The Georgian Bay Home Share Process

The primary objective of GBHS is to unite home seekers in the Blue Mountains, Thornbury, and Meaford areas with home providers for the mutual benefit of each. In order to achieve a successful match, we use a team approach, whose members are well-versed in the art of conducting interviews, and a Process Guide.

Here’s what you can expect.


GBHS receives a Self-Referral or Agency Referral.


An Application Form is completed and submitted to
Georgian Bay Home Share (GBHS)

In-depth interview

The GBHS team meets with the individual for a personal, private and in-depth intake interview. The interview provides information to assist in the process of acquiring a compatible Home Sharer.

Reference checks

Home Provider and Home Seekers complete reference checks. Home Provider requests a CRC – Criminal Reference Check – Level 2. Home Seeker requests a VSC – Vulnerable Sector Check – Level 3. Copies to be submitted to GBHS. Enquire about legal advice, insurance, taxable rental income.

Home visit

For a new Home Provider, GBHS visits the home and takes photos to show the available space.

Introductory Meeting

A meeting between potential Home Sharers is scheduled. It is an opportunity for both Home Provider and Home Seeker to meet, to connect, get to know each other and gain information. If the match is compatible, the GBHS process continues. If not, GBHS can continue to assist in finding another possible match.

Home seeker home visit

If potential Home Sharers are willing to go forward arrangements are made for the home seeker to visit the home.

Memorandum of Understanding

The Home Provider and Home Seeker meets with the GBHS Team to create a Memorandum of Understanding Living Arrangement. This agreement is very detailed and establishes the spaces to be shared and those which will be private, what chores are expected of the home seeker in lieu of some rent, what the daily routines of each are and what financial contribution the home seeker will make. It outlines what each side is looking for – whether it’s financial support to cover expenses, companionship, a shared ease of household tasks and responsibilities or a safe and secure living situation with another person – and provides ongoing support.

A disclaimer statement will be signed by both parties which in part states that GBHS does not retain any legal or otherwise responsibility if the match is not successful. The Memorandum is not a lease; it is an agreement made in good faith. There will be ongoing support by GBHS and conflict coaching if required.


The start of the Home Share living arrangement.

Ongoing support

GBHS offers the following support as needed or requested: Co-Mentor Support, Conflict Resolution, Conflict Coaching, and Support for Termination or Revision of the Memorandum of Understanding Living Agreement.